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SC: Submit your entry!

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The link for SC submission is here (shoutout to those of you in the cbox who pointed this error out)! Deadline for this round's submission is June 25, 2017! I look forward to reading the entries.

Code Silver (Sierra View #1)

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Age: Adult
Category: LGBTQIA+
Rating: 4 stars

Helen Thinks: Noah Silver has been having a difficult time lately what with his Mother having passed away and his father being dreadful to live with so he decides it’s time to move out. However, for that you need the funds. To get cash fast Noah becomes a cam boy. Unbeknown to Noah, one of his viewers is Dr Dean Harper - a handsome doctor whose ex-boyfriend ripped his heart out when he walked in on him having an affair with three other men. After an accident, Noah arrives at Sierra View where he meets Dean and they have a connection. But what would a successful doctor want in a cam boy like Noah? And how can Dean explain to Noah that he’s been having lustful thoughts about him long before he stepped into the hospital? Alongside their blossoming romance, a serial killer is targeting cam boys. What will happen to them once they realise that Noah is the killer’s next target?

I’ve been on an M/M binge lately and I am incredibly over the moon that I stumbled upon Max Walker’s Code Silver. I had this little gem stored away on my kindle for when I went on holiday with my sister and niece so I could have something to read at the poolside. It delivered. For someone who hates sitting in the sun, I couldn’t get up to move because I just couldn’t put this novel down at all. I needed to know what happened to the characters.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Chaos Station (Chaos Station #1)

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Age: Adult / Young Adult
Category: Science Fiction / LGBTQIA+
Rating: 4 stars

Rosie Thinks: I may have mentioned this before, but I never, EVER read sci-fi. Unless it's m/m, but I read everything that's m/m. I think of sci-fi as too technical for a communications major like me to grasp, and generally have no interest in reading chunks of scientific explanations. So, obviously, this book stayed on my to-reads list for a very long time until I cracked it open. And it had to prove me wrong about sci-fi!

This book is based around two men who were best friends, and then lovers for only a few days before being torn apart. Each thinks the other is dead, until a series of coincidences brings Zander aboard the ship that Felix is a mechanic on. The scenes between the two MCs were beautiful and well-paced, but this book is equally about the other, more action-based storyline. Zander was part of a team of super soldiers before the government cut him loose, and when he sees one of his old teammates in trouble, he races to find her.

The world-building in this is pretty awesome, in the way that Burke only gives you bits and pieces, so it never felt like technical stuff was being crammed down my throat. She did the same with the characters, only revealing their personalities and histories slowly, so it came across as more showing than telling. The secondary characters were awesome, and not one of them felt like a plot device. It isn't an enormous cast, but Burke keeps the action flowing at a fast pace.

This is the first book in the series, and I flew through the next two. The fourth just came out and I'm super excited to read it, and also super excited that I haven't gotten sick of this series yet! So be warned, that these two characters and the awesome plot-making skills of Burke are addictive.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Liesmith (The Wyrd #1)

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Age: Adult / Young Adult
Category: Fantasy / LGBTQIA+
Rating: 4 stars

Rosie Thinks: This story is such a mish-mash of genres that I think Franklin wrote exactly what she was passionate about, and it worked perfectly for her! There's a bit of horror, mixed with huge amounts of urban fantasy, Norse mythology, action, and a m/m romance that was adorable and stayed interesting. I've found it harder and harder recently to stay interested in romance books all the way to the end (mainly, after the couple gets together), but I didn't lose interest once in this!

Sigmund Sussman works in a dead-end IT job, pretty much just telling people to restart their computers all day. His world is shook up when newcomer Lain [unpronounceable last name] is placed at the desk next to him. Lain is everything Sigmund isn't - charismatic, good-looking, and a liar. With Sigmund’s peculiar ability to see lies, he quickly realises there's something very strange about Lain, not the least being his near-constant flirting with Sigmund.

This starts off as just a sweet romance, albeit one you don't see often in books - while Lain has the usual supermodel good looks, Sigmund is described with a pot-belly, big nose, and rather plain. I LOVED that. But it didn't take long for Franklin's creativity to take off, and the rest of the story moved at breakneck speed. As I mentioned earlier, this story contains a lot of Norse mythology, particularly surrounding Loki. I found Franklin's writing beautiful, as well as the way she seemed to mix-and-match tones at times. It all made for a unique and enthralling read!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Pieces of You

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Age: Adult
Category: Contemporary / Romance
Rating: 4 stars

Helen Thinks: I have this habit that if I enjoy a novel by an author I immediately reserve the rest of their available works at my local library. This is how Pieces of You by Ella Harper ended up on my shelf dedicated to books from the library and oh my goodness am I glad it did! Despite having read a different book by Ella Harper, this is Harper’s debut novel and what a beautiful piece it is. I have genuinely called this the book of my 2016.

Lucy and her husband Luke have been trying unsuccessfully for eight years to have a child. Despite their lack of a child, she knew that she would always have Luke in her life and that was enough to keep her going through their attempts. Until one day Luke is in a car crash and as he lies in a coma her world comes crashing around her - in the form of a pregnant nurse; the result of a one night stand with her beloved husband.

This book flooded me with emotions. From heartbreak to downright anger. Seriously, the amount of times I had to put this book down and phone someone (many thanks to my Mother, sister and best friend who were often at the end of these phone calls patiently reminding me it’s just a novel!) about what was happening and how it was so frustrating was a clear sign of how amazing Harper’s writing it. The empathy the reader (or I did) feels for Lucy is astounding - seriously, I told my Mum at one point if it had been my husband there would have been a huge chance of his machine being switched off (only joking of course!).

I read over this review and realise that I don’t actually make much sense and I’m basically flailing like a massive fangirl but that’s now what I am. Harper has joined the small group of authors that I follow blindly into the dark with each novel they release and she achieved this magic with only having two books out. I eagerly await her third one and I hope that you’ll give this book a chance and feel even just a small part of the emotion that I did towards it...

Friday, May 12, 2017

A Year Agreement (Trilogy)

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Age: Adult
Category: Contemporary / Romance
Rating: 4 stars

Helen Thinks: Jenna Howard was left by her mother at five years old and emancipated herself at seventeen to find out life doesn’t get any better just because you’re an adult. Working two dead end jobs just to keep herself above water, Jenna believes her life is just one big disappointment until a customer at the strip joint offers her the deal of a lifetime - marry him and he’ll pay her one million dollars. Despite her immediate convictions towards a stranger offering her this deal Jenna knows that the amount of money offered will change her life forever so she agrees. What she didn’t bargain for was the fact her husband-to-be could be quite cold and cruel towards her nor did she bargain for the fact that maybe - just maybe - she likes him more than she should?

I’ll be honest with you and admit that it was the cover of the first novel that grabbed my attention one day when I was perusing through the “recommended for you” category on amazon. I immediately downloaded it - big bonus it’s available on Kindle Unlimited for those of you that subscribe to that service - and read it within a couple of hours. I literally could not put it down. I also kept texting Lauren (my sister for those of you who aren’t aware or who have forgotten) throughout her night shift telling her that she must read it!

Liam was a bit of a douche at times and I know that’s what she was going for but sometimes some of the comments he came out with was a bit too much. However, once his gruff exterior was chipped away at by our heroine, I did find myself liking Liam very much and believe that Jenna and Liam were written very well by Kenadee Bryant.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Red Rising (Red Rising #1)

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Age: Adult / Young Adult
Category: Science Fiction / Fantasy
Rating: 5 stars

Rosie Thinks: I'm going to start this review off strong by saying: this is the best book I've read this year. And this is my favourite YA book of all time. I know my review isn't going to do it justice, but I'm gonna try!

I know I'm quite late to this Red Rising craze - I've seen glowing reviews for this book everywhere, and I did give it a go when it first came out. And I had this ridiculous assumption that I didn't like it, when in reality I read the first page then got distracted by something else (a very common occurence, for me). I'm sure this is what happened, because by the time the first chapter was over, I was hooked.

The premise for this story is: Darrow, our MC, is a Red. He's spent his whole life toiling below the ground on Mars, mining a precious gas that will help make Mars and other planets habitable. He and the other Reds believe they're Earth's last hope, but after a series of events put into motion by the death of his wife, Darrow realises that his life has been a lie - Mars and the rest of the solar system has been habitable for years, and the Reds are being used so the aristocratic Golds can live out their decadent lives at the top of the food chain. With this knowledge, Darrow is recruited into a rebel group and plans to infiltrate into the Golds' command school and bring the whole system down.

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