Quote of the Week 07.13

"Just because something isn't practical doesn't mean it's not worth creating. Sometimes beauty and real=life magic are enough."
-Stephanie Perkins, Lola and the Boy Next Door

Sunday, August 17, 2014

wednesday runaways

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wednesday runaways by invisibly.inked
shakespeare's got nothin' on us
Banner Credit: Melissa

Marta Thinks: ‘wednesday runaways’ is a simple poem, full of simple words and a simple meaning.
There are no grand gestures or words. It is there, for you to read and absorb. After all, runaway lovers is a common enough theme. Despite this, there is something new about this particular piece, this specific line: ‘two stupid teenagers in what they thought was love’. It makes you think. Is the poet right? Or is she voicing the opinion of others and we will never know? The decision is up to you and I think this makes this poem especially magical.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Glances into the Minds of the Unfortunate

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Glances into the Minds of the Unfortunate by DevonnyAuriel
I suddenly developed the ability of telepathy with men. But not charming men. No, I can only communication with nerds. And if that wasn't bad enough they've now deemed me their matchmaker. God, just smite me now.
Banner Credit: Melissa
Melissa Thinks: Before it's devastatingly long hiatus, Glances Into
the Minds of the Unfortunate was one of my favorite ongoing stories. Now that it's back and better than ever, I'm excited to say I can now throw this recommendation at you without feeling guilty.

Kaylehn Davies is, as she puts it, a bitch. She really only has a few friends, all of which barely can seem to put up with her most of the time, and her reputation with men seems to precedes her. After she passes out from getting her ears pierced, Kaylehn discovers she can hear people's thoughts. Of course, it's not as grand as it seems; she can only hear the thoughts of seemingly nerdy men. Why? She doesn't know. But she'll use her new found gift to help out a potential love interest and maybe fall in love along the way.

I know some people who find this story off-putting simply for the fact that they hate the main character - for me this was not true. I think Kaylehn, although annoying and rude at times, is constantly learning as a character. Through her relationship with Ray and his friends, her preformed "nerd" generalizations are dissolving. While she still isn't exactly a basket of roses, she's a funny character who deep deep deep down has a good heart.

Although, I'm notorious amongst my friends for loathing love triangles, this might be the first instance in which I truly had no preference as to which guy the main character ended up with. Both Ray and Ren compliment Kaylehn's personality in different ways and each interaction with the two brothers constantly challenge Kaylehn to be different.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Marina Guerrero and the Terrible, Horrible Date

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Marina Guerrero and the Terrible, Horrible Date by DevonnyAuriel
I give every guy a chance but I knew in the first five minutes that I would never date Owen. I was set to make a clean get-away, he didn't even have my number. Of course, things change when you rear-end his car.
Banner Credit: Marta

Melissa Thinks: Marina takes a chance and agrees to go out with a guy she waited on only to find out that he seems to either have the worst luck ever or he's the biggest asshole she's ever met because, as the title suggests, it's the worst date she's ever been on. And if that isn't enough to put her in a bad mood, as she's making her get-away, she crashes into his car.

I liked this one shot for it's slightly longer length, it's comedic tones, and the cute characters. When the story begins, Marina doesn't feel like Owen and her have any chance of connecting. In fact, I would go as far as to say she finds him annoying. As the story progresses and the two characters are forced to interact more, the chemistry grows and it becomes even more apparent that Marina and Owen are meant to give it another go.

"Marina Guerrero and the Terrible, Horrible Date" was different, but at the same time pretty realistic as far as dialogue and plot. This one shot is a charming version of the "date gone bad" cliche.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

In Keeping Secrets

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In Keeping Secrets by ThePiracyOfHearts
"If you don't hate me, then what?" She can't quite make eye contact as he moves within inches of her. He speaks softer this time, "If you don't hate me, Abbey, then what do you do?"
Banner Credit: Annie
Melissa Thinks: Abbey doesn't want to admit it, but there's something about her roommate's boyfriend Alex that sits a little too well with her. She likes his sense of humor and his "Italy-shaped nose" and the way he laughs, even though his girlfriend finds these things annoying. So now Abbey must decide whether to honor her friendship with her roommate Morgan, or honor her heart.

I went into this expecting to read something okay at best, but instead I've acquired a new favorite. I loved this story for its simplicity and its charm. There's something about the plot and characters that reminds me of a classic FictionPress story - the kind that we all cherish and enjoy - and that's what really cemented my decision to review.

There's nothing over complicated or heavy about "In Keeping Secrets".
Mostly comprised of dialogue, the prose includes a fair amount of attention grabbing banter between the characters as well as some cutesy fluff bits to balance it out. Plot-wise, I don't think the story was lacking, although some may disagree. I appreciated the relaxing read the the author presented me with and despite my mistake of judging this book by its cover, I really really did have a good time finishing this.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Homewrecker for the Hospitalized

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Homewrecker for the Hospitalized by FizzyLizzy
It would have been the most perfect, heart-to-goo-inducing couple had I not butted my sorry ass into it.
Banner Credit: Anita
Melissa Thinks: This quirky story has actually been one of my
favorites for a long time. "Homewrecker for the Hospitalised" is a unique one shot about a girl who volunteers at a hospital and through her work there she meets a rather annoying, but attractive, patient. The story is narrated the main character, Delia, who is honestly one of the strangest characters I've ever encountered (in a good way). All the dialogue is brilliantly funny without being over the top, as is the narration. The plot of the story, while a tiny bit unrealistic, is meant to be lighthearted and comedic - so this won't be something you'll have to become too invested in to enjoy.

Friday, July 25, 2014


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breaths by a headless butterfly
inhaling is easier than exhaling.
Banner Credit: Melissa
Melissa ThinksThere is not a poem on this site that has touched me as deeply as "breaths" has. What the piece lacks in word count, it makes up for in substance. In particular, the first and last lines stand out to me as being the most meaningful - both of them channeling the poem's emotionally charged theme while helping the reader to piece together the significance of the lines caught between.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Bear and the Pecan Tree

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The Bear and the Pecan Tree by Findus
If this is the last time I see you, I want you to remember that there are men who can touch without hurting. There are even those who give without asking. And that kindness might be hiding, even in the darkest of chests.
Banner Credit: Marta
Helen ThinksI have to admit that I was giddy with excitement when this suggestion landed in my inbox. It’s a little known fact that I love stories that have an interracial storyline; A Time to Kill; Noughts and Crosses; you name it then I’ve either read it or you’ve made me hunt it down! It’s an era that you have to write about carefully and when it’s done well, especially stories of the forbidden love that occurred, then it is a real rarity.

“The Bear and the Pecan Tree” was the story that Findus came up with after SKoW released the prompt “all he asked for was one perfect day before the inevitable happened” and the storyline captures this beautifully. It is the story of a black man and the married white woman that he has fallen in love with meeting for one last time before he has to head North to find work. The highlight for me was that this story was told in the same style Uncle Remus does in the Song of the South with the use of little story, fictitious characters to get his point across hence the title. It gave you that southern feel of storytelling.

It was a pure stroke of genius that Findus wrote in the first person because the reader can imagine listening to the gruff tone of a man but also the underlying hope and love that he has for the woman. Writing in first person has helped build empathy for the situation because I sure know my heart was in my throat while breaking as I read every single word. Twice. I read this lovely story twice and could have happily read it again.

“The Bear and the Pecan Tree” is a rare gem on fictionpress that I would read time and time again thanks to Findus’ fabulous writing, perfect characters and a story line that really is a treat to read.

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