Quote of the Week 07.13

"Just because something isn't practical doesn't mean it's not worth creating. Sometimes beauty and real=life magic are enough."
-Stephanie Perkins, Lola and the Boy Next Door

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Homewrecker for the Hospitalized

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Homewrecker for the Hospitalized by FizzyLizzy
It would have been the most perfect, heart-to-goo-inducing couple had I not butted my sorry ass into it.Banner Credit: Anita
Melissa Thinks: This quirky story has actually been one of my
favorites for a long time. "Homewrecker for the Hospitalised" is a unique one shot about a girl who volunteers at a hospital and through her work there she meets a rather annoying, but attractive, patient. The story is narrated the main character, Delia, who is honestly one of the strangest characters I've ever encountered (in a good way). All the dialogue is brilliantly funny without being over the top, as is the narration. The plot of the story, while a tiny bit unrealistic, is meant to be lighthearted and comedic - so this won't be something you'll have to become too invested in to enjoy.

Friday, July 25, 2014


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breaths by a headless butterfly
inhaling is easier than exhaling.
Banner Credit: Melissa
Melissa ThinksThere is not a poem on this site that has touched me as deeply as "breaths" has. What the piece lacks in word count, it makes up for in substance. In particular, the first and last lines stand out to me as being the most meaningful - both of them channeling the poem's emotionally charged theme while helping the reader to piece together the significance of the lines caught between.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Bear and the Pecan Tree

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The Bear and the Pecan Tree by Findus
If this is the last time I see you, I want you to remember that there are men who can touch without hurting. There are even those who give without asking. And that kindness might be hiding, even in the darkest of chests.
Banner Credit: Marta
Helen ThinksI have to admit that I was giddy with excitement when this suggestion landed in my inbox. It’s a little known fact that I love stories that have an interracial storyline; A Time to Kill; Noughts and Crosses; you name it then I’ve either read it or you’ve made me hunt it down! It’s an era that you have to write about carefully and when it’s done well, especially stories of the forbidden love that occurred, then it is a real rarity.

“The Bear and the Pecan Tree” was the story that Findus came up with after SKoW released the prompt “all he asked for was one perfect day before the inevitable happened” and the storyline captures this beautifully. It is the story of a black man and the married white woman that he has fallen in love with meeting for one last time before he has to head North to find work. The highlight for me was that this story was told in the same style Uncle Remus does in the Song of the South with the use of little story, fictitious characters to get his point across hence the title. It gave you that southern feel of storytelling.

It was a pure stroke of genius that Findus wrote in the first person because the reader can imagine listening to the gruff tone of a man but also the underlying hope and love that he has for the woman. Writing in first person has helped build empathy for the situation because I sure know my heart was in my throat while breaking as I read every single word. Twice. I read this lovely story twice and could have happily read it again.

“The Bear and the Pecan Tree” is a rare gem on fictionpress that I would read time and time again thanks to Findus’ fabulous writing, perfect characters and a story line that really is a treat to read.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Of Ghosts

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Of Ghosts by Sam Marino
"I never was afraid of ghosts in the days of my youth, would probably be fearless still if not for meeting you..." 
Banner Credit: Melissa
Helen Thinks“Of Ghosts” is a lovely piece of angsty poetry by Sam Mariano. Now I know that sounds more like an oxymoron because can angst be lovely? Yet this poem is the proof that it most definitely can! The writing is flawless, the tone soft, gentle and yet there’s an edge to it that helps the meaning behind the prose jump off the page at the reader because I bet that the situation detailed is something that most of our readers can relate to. Who doesn’t have that one ghost in their past that stops them from taking a leap into progressing into their future selves? "Of Ghosts" is a simply fantastic poem that has left me hoping that the writer will write more!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

lost cause

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lost cause by citrus scented
you made me believe I could fly just to watch me hit the ground. You are not an excuse, you are just the reason.
Banner Credit: Marta
Melissa Thinkslost cause starts out very "in your face". Aggressively, we are told a love story - one of friendship turned romance turned heartache. The lack of grammar throughout conveys the urgency and pain the narrator feels.

The clear semi-autobiographical nature of this poem is, to me, the most compelling part because you become aware of just how real the feelings are and that makes it all the more emotionally raw to the reader. Through the author's sorrowful experience, a beautiful piece of prose has been created. The soulful writing, stream of consciousness styled formatting, and the use of figurative language succeeds in drawing you in, so that by the end of the fifth stanza, it's as if you are the narrator.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Star-Cross'd: Round 10 Prompts

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Round 10 prompts are up! HQ links are available on the SC page. The deadline is December 8, 2014.


Phone Booth

Monday, June 23, 2014

Star-Cross'd Results for Round 9

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The entries for this round of Star-Cross'd were unbelievable. They were all wonderful, so please read them to see for yourself! This was honestly one of my favorite slew of submissions in all of SC history.

Make sure to check ADoR tomorrow-- Round 10's prompts will be posted!

Prompt: Sleeping

Honorable Mention: Sahara by Carmel March

Other Entries

Prompt: Running

Honorable Mention: Liberating Hayley Marshall by Atramento

Other Entries

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