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A Family Chosen (Volumes 1-4)

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Age: Adult
Category: LGBTQIA+ / Erotica
Rating: 3.5 stars

Helen Thinks: This is a Sloane Kennedy’s entire story arc. It consists of twenty novels from four of her individual series but all the characters intermingle so Kennedy has bundled them into these volumes. I was going to individually review every novel but I really didn’t think you would want me writing twenty long reviews about how amazing these novels are - because seriously that’s all the reviews would be! For two weeks straight (would have been a lot shorter time if life didn’t get in the way!), I read these novels one after the other and I couldn’t put them down.

Three out of twenty novels are M/F pairings but the remaining seventeen are M/M or M/M/M. Kennedy does explain for those that prefer only to read M/M then you can skip the M/F ones if you really want to but as much as I love my M/M novels, I couldn’t skip the M/F ones and I wouldn’t advise that any of my M/M fans do either. Those of you that aren’t massively into the M/M I beg of you not to skip these books over. Lauren; my sister; has always stated that she wouldn’t read the M/M books on my kindle but then started reading the first novel - Gabriel’s Rules - which is M/F and I explained to her that the third one of the trilogy was M/M and she decided to give it a go anyway because she couldn’t not read the third book in a trilogy. Safe to say, she’s now halfway through the books and is just as addicted as I am. So praises to Kennedy for getting my sister to try something new and for it to be that well written she can’t put them down.
My last piece of advice (again this is thanks to my sister!) is that Kennedy provides a recommended reading list at the beginning of the novels which explains how to read the novels because it’s not as clean cut as one series after another. I followed this list whereas Lauren read it series by series and she happened to mention to me that one book she had read she only knew who some of the characters were because I had read them chronologically and we had spoken about them together. There’s two recommended reading lists: chronologically or by starting with her series called The Protectors. I did it chronologically so if anyone does it the other way by starting with The Protectors then feel free to message me and let me know how you find the read!

I couldn’t even tell you which novel was my favourite one because I would say one was my favourite out of the series then read the next one and be like... “oh this one is definitely my favourite.” I love the entire series and Sloane Kennedy is a new author on my list of authors that I sit and wait eagerly for their next release! (I followed her on facebook and twitter so I’m counting down the days!)

I know this was an exceptionally vague review of twenty novels and I apologise for that but please trust me when I tell you these novels are completely worth the read as well as the time you will need to dedicate to reading them. If you do find the time to read them then please feel free to message me so we can compare notes!


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