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Frequently Asked Questions

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Since now ADoR reviews books, does this mean online fiction won’t be reviewed? 
No, both books and online fiction are being reviewed. 

Can I suggest a book through the suggestion form? How do I recommend a book to the judges?
No, the form is solely for online fiction suggestions. You can reach out to them; their contact information is on the Staff page. 

How are the books that are reviewed chosen?
They are the books that the judges and myself read leisurely. There is no strict agenda. We read what we like and review.

I want to be a judge.
When I post a "Judges Wanted" notice, you can apply. The best way to help ADoR's cause? Review the stories that I've posted on here, and let the author know how you learned about their story. Commenting on the reviews themselves is also wonderful feedback.

I have a suggestion for the Quote of the Week. Who do I send this to?
My email is 

I like making banners. Can I make one for ADoR?
Banners are always welcome.

Online Fiction Reviews

Can I suggest a story without using the form (i.e., the cbox or ask)
No. Use the form and your suggestion will most definitely be reviewed.

My suggestion has not been posted on the site and it has been some time. What do I do if I want to know the status of its review?
You can send me an email and I will contact the judge who received your suggestion to get in touch with you.

Does ADoR accept stories that are not on FictionPress?

Is there an archive list? What about a master list?
Yes, here is the Master List.

I want to receive an email every time ADoR is updated, what do I do?
If you have a FictionPress account, you can subscribe to the C2. You can also subscribe by email by inputting your email at the bottom of the site.

How often are updates made?
One story is added every Saturday and Sunday for a total of 2 updates per weekend.


When do I submit my story?
Whenever you want to, as long as it's before the deadline.

What happens if I don't get a review for my entry?
All entries that meet requirements get reviews. If your entry was disqualified, it is because you failed to follow the three requirements.

Project Fondle

I completely forgot about the chat and now I missed it! What do I do?
There is a Past section in the PFon portion of the site; you can read the entire chat there. Next time, you can submit your email to the reminder list.

I'm in a different time zone and the chat would be at 3:30am for me. What do I do?
Email me your questions for the author and I will ask them for you. A transcript of the chat will be posted, so no need to worry! It would also help a lot if you told me what times you would prefer these chats to go so I can take them into consideration.

I want the next author to be [insert author name]. What do I do?
Email me.

What happened to Project Fondle?
It has been discontinued. It doesn't suit the current FP community.


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