Friday, November 18, 2011

Reintegration of Old Reviews

Posted by A Drop of Romeo at 9:09 PM
As always, reviews will be posted on the weekends as regularly scheduled. However, the old reviews aren't up on the site yet- so there is a timeline as to how I'll be adding them back.

  1. Week of 11/13: November updates
  2. Week of 11/20: October updates
  3. Week of 11/27: September updates
  4. Week of 12/04: August updates
  5. Week of 12/11: July updates
  6. Week of 12/18: June updates
  7. Week of 12/25: March/February/January updates
  8. Week of 01/01: December updates
  9. Week of 01/08: November updates
  10. Week of 01/15: October/September updates
  11. Week of 01/22: August updates
  12. Week of 02/05: July updates
  13. Week of 02/12: June updates
  14. Week of 02/19: May updates
I'll be striking through the weeks as I get to rewrite all of the reviews I have ever written for ADoR and give the stories the adequate appraisal. By February, all reviews will be lush and rewritten. :D


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