Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Confessions of a Former Chew Toy

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Confessions of a Former Chew Toy by woodstock1969
When I found out that Tully, my estranged childhood best friend, was rooming with my ex, the overly opinionated, rich tool, I knew that things were bound to get weird. I can't stand awkward situations, and my freshman year of college just became one. Joy.
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Annie Thinks: This story had a little bit of everything: humor, romance, and the woes of friendship. It also deals with real-life problems, such as bullying, ex-boyfriends that just can't get over you, and annoying, way too enthusiastic frat boys. The dialogue was realistic and the descriptions... well, descriptive in a way that makes you envision everything and everyone. All the characters are extremely lovable, not to mention hilarious, and that includes Tully McFadden, the estranged best friend who has never quite forgotten about Evie. As for Evie herself, whenever she opens her fictional mouth, I feel smart just by reading it. It's obvious the writer knows what she's talking about and it makes the story seem that much more real. I especially loved Amory, the aforementioned ex whose favorite hobby is arguing with anyone and everyone. Jampacked with sexual innuendoes, subtle humor, and the small steps it takes to fall in love, this is one of those stories you'll read over and over again (like me).


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