Saturday, January 28, 2012

On the Way to Ever After

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On the Way to Ever After: Ivy and Miguel Tell All by Moira Inori
He's thirteen and doesn't act like it. She's twenty and doesn't look it. How two people who somehow made it work.
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Melissa Thinks: What really drew me into this story was the fact that - for once - the woman is older than the man (sort of). Ivy is a twenty year old college student who has not physically aged since she was twelve. Miguel, or “Migs”, is a thirteen year old certified genius who skipped high school and went straight on to college, where he then met Ivy in a “love at first sight” sort of way. After Ivy and Miguel become neighbors, problems start to emerge with the media, their families, and their glaring age gap. The set-up of the story is brilliant. It’s told in a series of interview questions, with each chapter being a different question answered by both Migs and Ivy. This structure in the story allows the characters true voices to be heard and it makes you feel as if the story is real. Even though this plot line shouldn’t work and the ages of the characters should put me off, I’m still left wanting more because the author keeps me hooked. It’s cute, funny, and romantic so don’t let the odd summary scare you away.


  1. Hello. This is Moira, author of this fic. Sorry if it seems self-serving for me to be commenting on this entry, but I just wanted to say thank you to Melissa for the really nice review, to the anonymous angel who suggested my fic, and to everyone at A Drop of Romeo for including my fic. Thank you so much, and I hope you enjoy the story. ^_^ Um, that's it.



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