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A Lifeguide to Prolonging the Inevitable

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A Life Guide to Prolonging the Inevitable by EruptingFender9
Video games and comic books are not cool. Charlie Moyer knows this. She doesn't need a constant reminder—especially from her worst enemy. But when she comes back five years later without the glasses and braces, Shane Griffith is first on her list.
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Amy Thinks: A Life Guide to Prolonging the Inevitable is a prime example of the theory “When a boy picks on a girl, it means he likes her”. Shane Griffith has done nothing but make the seven years Charlie Moyer lived in Hills Ridge a living Hell. Five years after she's left for New York with her family, Charlie's back – looking unrecognizable from the nerdy girl she was when she left. And what's the first thing she sets out to do? Why, seek revenge and bring down that ever-so-arrogant manwhore, of course! When Shane figures out who she really is and what her plan has been, he surprises her by not being angry but by offering a truce. Too bad Charlie and her best friend devise a plan to break his heart.

The way EruptingFender9 alternates the chapters from present day and flashbacks from their childhood makes you understand why Charlie hates Shane. It shows the reader just why she hates him so intensely, but also he was just trying to get her attention the only way an eight to thirteen year old boy knows how. As the story progresses, and the two are around each other more often, EruptingFender9 illustrates Shane's feelings towards her more and more, while feeling Charlie's frustration and confusion when she's informed of said feelings. Spelling and grammar mistakes are minimal, which is lovely. The pace isn't too fast nor too slow, but just right. The characters aren't “I hate you” one minute and playing tonsil hockey the next. With chapters just the right length for you to cruise along, but also enjoy the story, makes you not want to stop until you're all caught up and on the edge of your seat for the next chapter. So hang tight with Charlie as she takes a stroll through memory lane that leads to the Inevitable.


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