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Since the posting of this review, this story has been removed from FictionPress by the author.

Inheritance by Miryo
Lydia thought Winter Break was just going to be like any other, but when one of her best friends returns from military school, she finds that something way more dangerous than a love triangle is about to erupt.
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Amy Thinks: This story had me addicted from the very first chapter. Miryo's thorough descriptions made it seem like I was watching a film take place, instead of reading. That alone makes it a grade A read in my book. I could feel the snow seeping into my clothes, the wooded areas around me, the growing romance,...everything. It's amazingly written with only few spelling or wording errors here and there. The interesting twist in this love triangle is that it's between the girl, Lydia, and two brothers: Eli and Derek Stukas. They've all been friends and neighbors since they were little, with both families living together at one point.
In the early years of their childhood, the three hung out together even though Derek and Lydia were best friends. But now that they're older, there's tension between the two brothers. Whether it's a battle for Lydia's attention or something deeper, Lydia is torn between the two. What makes the story even more captivating is that it's not just romance. There's side stories intertwined: Lydia's mother's mental illness and her father's jealousy of the Stukas', a boy's disappearance, and the brother's rivalry, to name a few. Be forewarned: Inheritance isn't your light and fluffy read. So, if that's the type of story you're looking for, this one probably isn't for you. It has a dark undertone and a foreboding feeling that something big and possibly bad may happen in later chapters. But, if you want something different and filled with mystery, suspsense, and – of course – romance, then definitely check this out. I, for one, will be having this story on my alerts and anxiously await an update.


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