Friday, May 25, 2012

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1:32 AM by realize
"Well, what else am I supposed to think!" I yell. "You barely talk to me anymore, you have secret phone calls, you sneak out at night, and you come back smelling like perfume!"Banner Credit: Casey

Annie Thinks: Warning: This one-shot is sad. It focuses on the fragile topic of cheating--perhaps with many women. Avery and Mark have been together for five years, and to anyone who's not them, it's a perfect relationship. He makes her breakfast, all their fights are short-lived, and they genuinely act like they love each other. So then why does Mark come home smelling like another woman's perfume every night? And why is he lying about working late? Avery doesn't want to believe that the man she loves loves someone else. realize really captures the emotion and turmoil about Avery's situation, sometimes so well that I felt my own heart breaking along with hers. And as a supporter of strong female characters, I must admit that the moment Avery finally confronted Mark, I fell in love with the story. As for the ending... well, you'll just have to read it to find out.


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