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Blame the Neighborhood Cat

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Blame the Neighborhood Cat by jaliwo
It all started when I was caught having a staring contest with the neighborhood cat by the quiet, brooding Josh Riley. That damned orange cat was the reason I started noticing Josh more, including the fact that he made skinny jeans look good.
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Rosie Thinks: The story begins with Charlotte having a staring contest with a cat and the rest of the story continues on to be just as unique and cute. This is the perfect light read, set in a high school atmosphere. Despite that, I found it to be quite different to most of the high school stories I have read. Neither Josh or Charlotte are overly popular or unpopular, although Josh is a bit of a loner. This story makes everyone want their own Josh. He's so ridiculously cute. And sweet. I could really go on forever, but what I truly liked about him is that he is shy and utterly adorable, which makes a nice change from the usual popular, arrogant male character.

It is all told in Charlotte's point of view, except for one random segment which was told in third person - I understand why the author did it, but it messed up the flow of the story a bit. Charlotte is kind and a tad oblivious, and I loved her interactions with Josh. They were interesting and showed each of their personalities well. Jaliwo developed the characters uniquely and showed the development of Charlotte's feelings well. The chemistry is definitely there from the beginning and it is well-paced and realistic.
My only criticisms are that the grammar is a bit off in places (but not often) and that the story would flow better at the beginning if we didn't get an information dump on what her and her two friends look like. Other than that, I found the entire story to be romantic and cute, and I love how the cat keeps popping up throughout the story.


  1. Wow thank you so much for the review and I'm honored to have been inducted into ADoR! It's such a lovely surprise to open this website and see my story at the very top!

    Thanks again!


    1. No problem! Your story deserves its place on this site. Rosie writes wonderful reviews.

  2. I just recently found your site and have been loving the recommendations because I wouldn't have found this cute story on my own!

    1. I'm so glad ADoR helped you! :) Did you let the author know how you found her story?



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