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Pseudocliché by xoxluurve
What's the cut-off gap where a girl is allowed to like someone younger than herself without losing her mind over it? Never mind. Amelia was pretty much doomed from the moment he said hello.
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Amy Thinks: You know what sucks? When you find a guy that is cute, funny, charming, and everything you'd be attracted to only to find out that he's a few years younger than you. Little bit of a buzz kill, right? Wrong. xoxluurve makes every fear a person could have go away. Amelia is a smart, independent college woman that first meets her prince in disguise, Harvey. Turns out, he's going to attend the same college as her. What makes the story believable, is that their relationship evolved from friendship. They really were the best of friends, and saw them go through everything two people would have to deal with when they like each other, but neither make a move. The writing is impeccable, as can only be expected from the awesomeness that is xoxluurve. It has a way of just drawing you in that doesn't make you think about the length of the story (which is long, but also a trademark of hers.)

I thoroughly enjoyed this oneshot, and highly, highly, highly, recommend it. As fellow judge Melissa knows, I've become quite the puma for Josh Hutcherson. Who just so happens to be three, almost four years my junior. The same difference in age our lovely protagonists just so happen to be. And although I have a very, very, very, slim chance of ever dating him (or hell, even meeting him), this oneshot gave me hope that if the impossible should happen, being a “Puma” may not be so bad.

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  1. It's been like, a week since you pointed this out to me but HEY THAT'S MY NAME RIGHT THERE.



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