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Look Only At Me

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Look Only At Me by Faedora
He was the one complication she didn't need, but he completed her. She knew she was better off without him, but she couldn't let go. It was her heart against his words - it didn't stand a chance.
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Belinda Thinks: Drama without melodrama is hard to achieve, but this one-shot does it well. The story encompasses longing, romance and betrayal, with door slams, tears and wistful waiting by the phone in all the right proportions. But it's more than just a romantic drama - it's the development of a conflicted yet ultimately beautiful relationship.

Grace is in love with the perfect guy, Ashley; he's sweet, good-looking, smart, and makes her feel amazing - when he's there. The problem is, Ashley keeps standing her up to look after his ex-girlfriend, Gabriella. After Grace is left behind on their holiday, humiliated, hurt and feeling like the "other woman", their relationship is at a crossroads. Each person makes decisions that shift the situation back and forth until it's eventual, satisfying resolution.

This story's strength is in its three-dimensional characters. Grace is a committed but self-sufficient heroine; Ashley is a well-intentioned but inattentive man; Gabriella is a clingy but understanding woman. While reading the story, I had moments where I supported and blamed each character in turn. Their complexity and believability really enhances the plot and ensures it doesn't become too overly dramatic.

Inspired by the eponymous song by Korean pop artist Tae Yang, Look Only At Me crafts Grace and Ashley's relationship in a clear and sincere manner, without grammar or usage problems distracting from the power of the story, which is filled with passion and imagination. This one-shot portrays a romantic truth that is lovely to behold: that true love can withstand anything.


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