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Waking of a Dream

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Waking of a Dream by Morfiwien Greenleaf
When she travels to her late uncle’s estate for the reading of his will, Maybelle anticipates a glorious week with the man she loves before she must marry the man her father has chosen. But someone has been waiting for this opportunity to exact revenge...
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Belinda Thinks: The Waking of a Dream could rightly be classified as historical or supernatural, but for me it is the mix of the two genres that makes the story so exciting to read.

The depth of historical research, planning and care than went into this story is remarkable. The author skilfully weaves together the separate strands of a gently convoluted plot to form a beautifully and detailed story of love, betrayal and loss between two time periods and between American Indians and local settlers.

But the story is also a supernatural thriller in which atmosphere is king. The past, the present, ghosts and curses are described with such skilled language and tone that I was quite literally frightened when reading the story at night. Morfiwien Greenleaf grabs you by the hand and leads you through haunted corridors, eerie forests and deserted graveyards until your spine tingles and you want to check over your shoulder.

Above all, however, this story is a romance. Maybelle and Jack are perfect for each other, but are barred from love by her father's insensitivity. Victoria and Will have undeniable chemistry, but are unwilling to act on it. Rachael and Jacob fall in love despite the curse that hangs over both their heads. For each character, love has the power to save them - from a curse, a cage or unhappiness.

I was thoroughly captivated by this beautifully written and well-rounded story. It is error-free and flows gracefully, leading me - and you - to a powerful and haunting finish that I know will stay with me - and you - for days.


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