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The teacher, your step-sibling, your sister's boyfriend, the married man; naughty girls and naughty boys, lustful sighs and a secret tryst or two. / You can never resist what you can't have...
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Melissa Thinks: A medley of sorts, Scandalous chronicles the lives of several people as they engage in Forbidden, and sometimes scandalous (hence the name), relationships. As it starts, everyone has their own story, but as things progress it all starts to come together and you see little connections between everyone. Almost everyone is likable and the writing is pleasant. The first thing I have to praise the author on is her voice. How hard must it be to stay in character when you're writing in the perspective of five or ten different people. Another thing that I liked about Scandalous, was it showed the reader many examples of what a forbidden relationship is. There's a little something for everyone, fan of the Forbidden category or not. The only problem I had with this story, is sometimes it can be a bit confusing. The disadvantage of having so many characters is it can confuse the reader as to who's story we're reading about next. Other than that it was wonderful; the perfect example of the Forbidden category.


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