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Angels are not allowed to fall in love. But two did and they were banished. Forced to search but never find each other, what happens when they finally stop searching?
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Ciara Thinks: Before I begin, a word of warning: I would not recommend this story is you are a devout Christian who does not like negative portrayals of any religious figure. In this story,  God's Archangels are not as glorious as they seem.

That out of the way, I can praise this story (no pun intended) and its originality. Ollie May’s grammar is excellent and the story is brought to life with vivid description. Though the story is only five chapters, Ollie May really lets you feel the pain of Lucifer and Nuria as two characters that have given up completely and believably rekindles their relationship after millennia apart.

I particularly liked the characters of Lucifer, who has allowed his title of Satan to consume him, morphing into the monster of legend, and Fate, who continually shows just what a fickle bitch she can be.

As long as the strong religious aspect of this story will not upset or anger you, then I strongly suggest you give it a read, as it is powerful and compelling.


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