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Six Degrees, or Why College is Awesome

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Six different students, six different perspectives. One weekend.
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Rosie Thinks: I had always been a tad bit hesitant to try this story, since each chapter is in a different point of view, but Le Meg's writing is such that it draws you in from the very beginning. She wrote the story in such a strange format - each couple having two chapters, one for the girl's POV and one for the guy's. It starts off with Gudrun and a good chunk of information about her - but, for once, rather than feeling like an info dump it was interesting and witty, giving good insight into the character. One of the big lures of this story is that you don't know where the next chapter is going to go. There are three vastly different stories where the couples in it seem unlikely to form long-term commitments, as is put at the end. However, all these characters are connected to each other in strange and likely ways.

It is always hard to develop a character in just one chapter but Le Meg has done it perfectly. Each character is still clear in my mind. Gudrun is smart, confident, independent and considered 'one of the guys'. Her love interest is Clinton, the guy she's been seeing who, despite being intelligent, is a bit of a playboy. Jenna is sweet and a mediator between her two roommates. In the two chapters dedicated to her, she wakes up to find a random guy sleeping on their couch. Boman and Liz's story were next, but I found that it wasn't as well characterised as the others, although it was still fun to read and interesting.

I, personally, don't like it when the author has the exact same bit of dialogue in two different POVs - I would've preferred it summarised, as it didn't seem necessary. However with Le Meg, it is so well written that I didn't mind it too much. And lastly, the epilogue is completely unique and executed beautifully, so we get an overarching look at all the characters in previous chapters.

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  1. you mean Gudrun's love interest is Clinton, right? xD



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