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Warmth by Wolf's Night
Casey doesn't like people knowing that she's not like everyone else and she definitely doesn't need anyone's pity or help. He was just curious about the bookshop girl with too many weird quirks. So what does he do? Stalks her. Kind of.
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Melissa Thinks: A blind woman making her way through the street gets rudely smashed into by a man who, of course doesn't apologize. When she arrives to the book store she works at she quickly brushes off the encounter and gets back to work. When a man walks into the book store and walks by her spot at the register, she knows by the scent of his cologne that it's the same man and surprise, surprise: he's still an asshole. What a cute little one shot. I think I can best describe why I liked this so much by quoting the suggestor: "The female character is so independent and doesn't let the fact that she is blind get in the way of her life and I think that's a really, really nice way to show that, despite blindness being a difficulty, it's not a handicap." Well said, anon! I agree completely. The writing was well done, as was the characterization and the dialogue. Dante was a brooding cute type who caught my attention from the first moment he opened his fictional mouth. It was a quick little insight into the character's world which left me intrigued and satisfied.

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  1. Such an interesting one-shot! Though I feel like it would have had a stronger impact on me had I not known from the start that she was blind. Great review otherwise :)



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