Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Your Wife at Home

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The thoughts of a soldier's wife as she waits for news.
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Helen Thinks: I'm going to be honest with you all, I hate poetry. I think we all do after years of high school where we have to analyse every word, punctuation and stanza break but this poem “Your Wife at Home” by Who is This Girl Anyway broke the mould for me.

Being part of a soldier family, the emotion hits me deep any way but I believe that any one who is aware of the hell that our troops face every day should be able to relate to the wife's emotions. This is thanks to the emotive and powerful language that Who is This Girl Anyway uses throughout the poem. Each word, line and stanza is filled with enough emotion to have a lump form in your throat, tears pooling in your eyes and goosebumps forming on your arms. Both through the writing and it being written in the wife's point of view, Who is This Girl anyway has created an image in the reader's head that allows for the reader to build a rapport with her; understanding her desperation to know that her husband is okay or for him to come home to her.

There's no need to over-analyse “Your Wife at Home” because it's all clearly there in a piece of flawless writing that is extremely current in this day and age. Slight word of warning, you'd best be sat near a box of tissues because by the end of it, you will be crying your hearts out.


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