Saturday, September 15, 2012


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Ghost by Etaine Shadowheart
“Ghost” has many definitions. Here’s one you won’t find in a dictionary.
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Helen Thinks: “Ghost” is a simple, but powerful, poem written by Etaine Shadowheart that I think most of us will be able to understand, to be able to relate too. “Ghost” is about being invisible in High School and the way Etaine Shadowheart writes it is breathless. They hit each moment perfectly, their description painting a perfect scene. Even if they had not made it obvious what it was they were talking about, I think the readers still would have been able to pinpoint the hidden meaning behind “Ghost”. It’s a read that anyone could be able to relate too, even if popular kids in High School can be invisible in High Schools; their persona a facade just so they can fit in. This is a poem that will hit the memories of many; especially me; and a poem that will be added to my favourites so I can read it again and again.


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