Saturday, September 15, 2012

Just Friends

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Just Friends by Natasha5
Friends who joke a little too personally, sit a little too closely, hug for a little too long, stare a little too intimitely, touch a little too often and care a little too much. Right. Just friends.
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Helen Thinks: Despite being the total cliché of two best friends and one being in love whereas the other doesn’t feel the same way, Natasha5 has created an addictive story in “Just Friends”. Adrian and Friday have been friends for as long as anyone could remember, but they’re friendship is a lot closer than typically know. Adrian only feels safe when he’s with Friday; and he actually sees Friday’s family as his own. So one day when he gets a girlfriend; Alexa; he doesn’t understand why Friday isn’t happy for him, or why Alexa and he never seem to get on when they are in the same room. When Alexa poses the theory of Friday having a crush on him, Adrian is flustered but could it be true?

“Just Friends” is a beautiful piece of fiction that presents realistic characters, each with their individual quirks that makes them stand out in the crowd but not too much that the reader starts to think they’re too good to be true.

In my opinion, the story is rated a little too high with the “M”. It really fits into the “T” category but nevertheless, this shouldn’t prevent you from reading it because the story is a fluff filled story that will leave your heart exploding against your ribcage.

Inspired by a Bob Marley calendar, Natasha5 begins and ends each chapter with a quote from one of his songs and each one fits the chapter flawlessly. I believe to really feel the chapters, you could even create a playlist of the songs they use and listen to them while you’re reading – but then again, their fantastic writing is simply enough to keep you hooked to the very last word!


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