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Scarfy in the Middle

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A young Muslim woman is tugged in several different directions by her matchmaker mother, creepy neighbourhood watch man, overloaded work schedule, her housemates, her brothers and her Prince Charming...Adam from across the street.
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Ciara Thinks: Refreshingly original, that is how I would describe this story. A far cry from the American high school with its social hierarchy, this follows the life of a successful twenty three year old scriptwriter from London called Khalila and her romance with her very attractive neighbour across the street.

This story was quite an eye-opener for me as it provided me with an insight into modern Islamic culture as both Khalila and Adam are Muslim. Throughout the story, Khalila can be seen struggling to strike a balance between modern Western sensibilities and Islamic traditions (she succeeds rather well, I think).

The characters in this story are all so funny, partly because they are realistic and very relatable – every character had some quality or characteristic that reminded me of someone I know.

Adam and Khalila have such a sweet, innocent relationship that starts with her admiring him from afar and being unable to speak in his presence – which I’m sure is a familiar situation to many. Khalila makes for a great narrator as she has a distinctive voice, a cute way of looking at things and a busy life, meaning the story isn’t just about her romance with Adam, it focuses on other aspects of her life such as how her screenwriting career is suddenly taking off.

Scarfy in the Middle is extremely well written and though 50 chapters may seem long, it certainly doesn’t feel it, as the chapters are of a short but decent length, which though they sometimes are just snippets of Khalila’s life, they keep the flow of the story going. LilyWolfe’s excellent writing includes all the Islamic terminology within Khalila’s narration without it ever feeling like a information dump.

So if you have some time on your hands (or even if you don’t) I would definitely recommend giving Scarfy in the Middle a gander.


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