Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Girl Under the Waterfall

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“You’re a…mermaid? Like Ariel from The Little Mermaid?” She rolled her eyes. “Except for the fact that I’m no Disney princess, and I don’t have a magic sea witch to turn me into a human.” Well...this definitely complicates things.
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Melissa Thinks: The first thing that pulls you into The Girl Under the Waterfall, is the fact that it's written in a male perspective (a rare find). It centers around a boy named Jesse who goes on vacation with his family for the summer in what he describes as "the middle of nowhere". Of course his views may change when he finds himself becoming friends with a mermaid. It's their friendship and the progression of their relationship that makes this story so special. Never do we feel like things are being shoved upon us. The pace is wonderful as is the characterization, and can I just say it was too adorable for words? I loved the main characters, the adventures and challenges they faced, and the lovely forbidden aspect. The story was light; an easy read to get through on a boring afternoon that brightens up your day. It's definitely a read that will make you wish for more from the amazing author.


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