Saturday, November 17, 2012

Cat and Mouse

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Cat and Mouse by SweetSarah2
I can't believe I'm getting blackmailed to ask the scariest boy in school on a date. At least he's gorgeous. Part of me is even excited to ask him out. But that part? Yeah, about two percent. The other ninety eight percent? Pure terror...
Banner Credit: marta

Belinda Thinks: The premise of the story is simple: small and demure Minnie is being coerced by Tricia into approaching Jasper Lion, whose reputation as an alcoholic and violent rebel precedes him. Already, the situation looks interesting. But the well balanced characters and flowing, flawless writing make the story even more appealing to read.
Details about each character are used to carefully sketch the “cat and mouse” metaphor- a perfectly apt analogy for timid Minnie and scary Jasper. But the characters aren’t defined only by their most obvious traits. Minnie is naive and adorable, perhaps bordering on too sweet, but she’s no prude. Tricia, the blackmailer, is unpleasant but perfectly human. Jasper is deceptively prickly, with a defiant attitude that is belied by his gentle nature.

The multi-dimensional characters and sound writing give depth to a story that could very easily have been too much of a cliché. So if you’re looking for good, well-written fluff, try indulging your bad boy fantasy with this cute one-shot.


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