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Crash and Burn

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Crash and Burn by rosieroo
He’s the sexy singing superstar. She’s his old high school sweetheart. After four years, fate throws them together again. She may still be in love with him, but that doesn’t mean he’ll be able to convince her that they’re meant to be
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Ariana Thinks: When I first started reading "Crash and Burn," I worried that my high expectations (which were formed from reading its amazing prequel "Not So Crash Hot") would not be met. From the first chapter though, I could see that this would not be the case. "Crash and Burn" was both humorous and interesting, and I found myself flipping through every chapter with rapid speed, unable to tear my eyes away from the computer screen.
On top of having an amazing plot filled with witty repertoire and hilarious dialogue, "Crash and Burn" has well-developed, realistic characters that I found myself heavily invested in. Even though I haven't gone through the same situations as the protagonist Reagan has, her emotions and feelings are portrayed so realistically that it wasn't difficult for me to enter her world. It doesn't hurt that Reagan has a vivacious personality that is conveyed through her hilarious narrative voice.

In many stories, the female protagonist loses her personality and wit in the presence of her crush and turns into a mindless zombie. I can assure you that this is not the case in "Crash and Burn," however. If anything, Reagan becomes more quirky and intelligence in Logan's presence. Four years after the end of "Not so Crash Hot," Reagan and Logan have grown and changed as characters. However, the one thing that has remained steadfastly the same is their amazing chemistry together. Logan and Reagan's relationship may have tons of ups and downs, but their connection with each other is undeniable.

The only real drawback to "Crash and Burn" is that it can be hard to follow without any background knowledge. I would recommend reading or skimming "Not So Crash Hot" before reading "Crash and Burn," but trust me, it is well worth it! All in all, "Crash and Burn's" original plot, realistic characters, and hilarious repertoire, will leave you desperate for more chapters. You definitely won't regret reading it!


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