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Bittersweet by Mr. Ree
Of course the guy I thought I had gotten rid of on multiple occasions would pop back into my life. I should have known he would show up again at some point or another, but I never expected him to be a model. Last time I checked, he graduated with a degree in engineering.
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Helen Thinks: Hand on heart, the cliché of love hate is always going to be one of my favourites and Mr. Ree has caught that beautifully in ‘Bittersweet’.

Our female lead is a photographer and she is not impressed to learn that her new model is Colton Foss; the annoying boy she knew from college that she could not abide. Yes, she had expected him to turn up in her life again but as a model? No, that thought never crossed her mind because to her knowledge he was an engineer now. She learns that Colt is a model because he needs the money for his sister who is ill and needs medical help. Will their time together behind and in front of the camera help build bridges?

Do you want to know what made me really love this story? It was the light tone of humour that Mr. Ree manages to incorporate naturally into the writing. I am honest. At one point, I was actually laughing out loud. I think humour makes a story seem just that little bit more realistic and Mr. Ree accomplished that beautifully in ‘Bittersweet’.

Yes, ‘Bittersweet’ may be cliché but Mr. Ree’s writing has you hooked from the very beginning and filled with that warm happy feeling. It is most definitely a must read for all hate love fans!


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