Saturday, April 20, 2013

Falling Away

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Falling Away by DancingChaChaFruit
Katie and Jessica have been friends forever. But then the party happened.
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Rosie Thinks: This is one of DancingChaChaFruit's few stories that doesn't revolve around romance. Instead, it is centred around the friendship of Katie and Jessica. They've both been friends since they were little, but Jessica seems to be the more popular, 'fun' one with another group of friends, while Katie is more introverted. Unfortunately, this has caused Jessica's friends to name her 'Jessica's bitchy friend'.

I liked how the author combined anecdotes of the past to make the present more understandable. In a fairly short space, she has managed to portray the disintegrating friendship of the two girls and Katie's emotions. It's incredibly realistic about the way that people change, and made me evaluate some of my own friendships. It was bittersweet and self-reflective, and made for a well-written, interesting read.


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