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So she was the lowest in a film’s hierarchy. He was at the top. See, they kind of were in love... and then they kind of destroyed each other. Six years ago. Still, players don't easily forget that one girl who changed them.
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Rosie Thinks: I love how xoxluurve always manages to take a cliche that's been done numerous times before and make it completely original and her own. In this case, it's the high school hate/love one. During school, Leo was the unrepentant player and Arianna was the girl who stood up to him - they fell in love, of course, but grew to hate each other due to circumstances that the author is vague upon until the end. This story takes place six years later, when the two meet again in the workplace, both deeply resenting the other.

This one shot was written for a challenge, wherein some of the criteria was that they must genuinely dislike each other for a good reason, then eventually fall in love. I find it's hard to find a story that truly portrays the transition from true hate to love well, but 'Magnetism' is it. The way that Arianna and Leo's relationship evolved was realistic and true to their characters.

This one shot may be lengthy, but it's well worth the read. It's like a full length story packed into a one shot that isn't rushed. Plus, the background of the characters and the setting wasn't brushed over - I didn't find any aspect of this story lacking in any way.


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