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Caroline Humphrey is in her fourth Season and has yet to secure a husband. She has, however, fallen head over heels for an entirely inappropriate man: Daniel Seaton. Then Caroline suddenly does find herself engaged to a Mr Seaton only it's the wrong one.
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Melissa Thinks: "Circumstance" by Danielle Night is perfect for those wanting a short, simple(ish), historical romance novel. Like
most by this widely admired author, "Circumstance" takes place during the nineteenth century. Our protagonist is a young lady who, despite her own status as a high class lady, has fallen in love with a man that doesn't rank high enough on the totem pole of society and therefore she is not permitted to marry him. A strange series of events continuously keep the two almost-lovers apart which makes you wonder: will they ever confess their love for one another?

I'm no stranger to the works of Danielle Night - I've read a few of her other novels and although I'm not a giant fan of the genre, I always find myself enjoying her work. It's crazy how well the author researches down to the smallest details. Not only does she get the setting right, but she completely perfects the typical mindset of the people in the period. There were basically no mistakes, only a little bit of drag, and a whole lot of drama. If this sounds like your cup of tea, then get ready to fall in love.


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