Saturday, June 22, 2013

Make Believe

Posted by A Drop of Romeo at 7:30 PM
A Shakespearean sonnet about growing up.
Banner Credit: Melissa

Helen Thinks: Honestly, it has been many years since I sat in my
English Literature classes studying Shakespeare sonnets but I still remember the rules and the power that the layout can have on a reader and that is delivered wonderfully by Dragon Eyz in “Make Believe”. The delight of this poem is that it does detail most childhood’s that people experience. I can remember hunting around my grannie’s garden for faeries that she insisted existed there or worrying that the monsters would get me late at night that lived under my bed. “Make Believe” paints a picture of childhood; that innocent time where children do believe in fairytales; that everyone can relate too. This poem is beautifully written, sticks to the rules of a Shakespeare Sonnet and has a beat that will keep you reading to the very last word while musing throughout what Dragon Eyz is trying to make us think about. “Make Believe” really is a hidden treasure that I hope you all take a minute to read.


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