Monday, July 8, 2013

Scrapyard Sally

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Pinstriped yuppie scumbag Felix Hern is scheming to get his greedy lily-whites on Sally's debt-ridden scrapyard. But Sally Sullivan eats snooty city-boys for breakfast. Or she would, if he weren't already all over her bacon. 

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Rosie Thinks: From reading just the summary, I could tell that this story was going to have personality - and I was right. Sally is such a well characterised MC, utterly hilarious and so unique. The story opens with Sally and her Sun Tzu-spouting friend Dino playing 'fat-boy smackdown', and that definitely set the tone for this truly one-of-a-kind story. Sal Sullivan (ie, Sally) is the proud owner of a scrapyard inherited from her late father. Unfortunately, thanks to her dad's debts, it's about to go into forclosure - and this is where Felix Hearn comes in, with his city slicker ways. Sally, very concisely, describes him as a 'blood-sucking corporate sleazebag'. Their interactions are amazing, superbly written, and I just love how Felix deals with Sally.

Every character in this story stands out to me. Honestly, Findus is brilliant at characterisation and manages to create unique personalities for even the minor characters. Sally's character is out-of-this-world-amazing, and so Findus without a doubt deserves the SKoW award won for Best MC Portrayal (Judge's Pick).

I love how this story avoids so many overused cliches. Example one: hot girl dresses MC up for a date, MC astounds everyone with hidden beauty. This cliche starts off, but definitely does not end in the usual way. The only problem I found was that for some strange reason, chapter 5 was posted again as chapter 8. Everything else - the writing, grammar, punctuation - was pretty much spot on. The writing is super quirky but it certainly draws you in and makes sure you may attention to the smallest details. This story is hilarious, eccentric, and so distinctive - I'll definitely be following it from now on!


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