Sunday, August 4, 2013

Damage Control

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One likes two. Two is going out with three, but actually likes one. Then one pulls four into the picture by making four help one make two jealous. Sound simple? Ask five.
Banner Credit: Melissa

Melissa Thinks: This was definitely not a story I was expecting to enjoy. The summary, although clear now that I've actually read the story, seemed confusing and I wasn't quite sure what the story was actually about (except for that it was obviously some kind of complicated love... pentagon?). So let me clear that up for anyone else who's struggling: Lauren is in love with her best friend Jarred, who's dating Elena. In order to try and get Jarred's attention, Lauren asks (kinda more like forces) Zack to pretend to be her boyfriend; that is where the story really begins.

I just found this story captivating. The plot is classic FP material, but it's just too adorable not to love. It's short, only six chapters long, so it's good for those who want something quick, but aren't really up for a one shot. I like Mad for Fig's writing because it's simple and funny, but has a concise voice. I didn't find the dialogue to be stiff at all, and the interactions between the main couple gave me warm fuzzies every time. I ended up closing my laptop with a giant smile on my face because I'm pretty positive I fell in love with Damage Control.


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