Wednesday, September 25, 2013

a summer without you

Posted by A Drop of Romeo at 12:04 PM
a summer without you by his terrible beauty
Like last month, when you called to say sorry, you couldn't love me
Banner Credit: Melissa

Helen Thinks: The first thing I notice about any poem that lands in my suggestion box is the layout. I know, it is weird as poetry only
ever seems to ever follow the straightforward layout and that is true of the poem “a summer without you” by his terrible beauty. However, the writer uses clever literary tricks such as brackets and one lined stanzas that breaks the poem up and makes it completely different. But despite this, it does not disturb the flow of the poem. Instead it adds to it. My most favourite thing about 'a summer without you' is that his terrible beauty's vocabulary is fantastic. Strong, powerful and yet dark words like “carcass” and “morsel” are used as a contrast to what could have been a fluffy love poem – and you all know I love something when it comes across as almost gritty. I envy his terrible beauty's writing skills and hope that you will all feel the same once you have checked this amazing piece of poetry out. 


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