Monday, September 16, 2013

of love coffeespoons and derivatives

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of love coffeespoons and derivatives by fairies and snapple
there’s a boy i have in mind/he reads my body like braille and i am the canvas for his fingerpaint/as he crashes neon-bright into heartbreak/and i'm so f-ing mad over him
Banner Credit: Melissa

Helen Thinks: One of the pros of poetry is that you can be overenthusiastic about description and using literary tricks such as metaphors and similes in every sentence if you so desire. I love description. I think it sets the scene and can draw the line between a poem and a really good poem. 'of love coffeespoons and derivatives' by fairies and snapple is a really good poem. They have used powerful phrases that are loaded with beautiful and also incredibly sensual imagery that creates the perfect image in the readers mind. It's a cliché love poem but at the same time, it is not a cliché love poem. It stands its ground and is wonderfully unique. The most incredible thing is I believe you can genuinely hear the authors voice throughout. In their final authors note, fairies and snapple believes that the words are just simply pretty which is not the aim in poetry but I just want to say they could not be any more wrong. The pretty words are what makes this an extremely amazing poem.


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