Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Bee and the Wallflower

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The Bee and the Wallflower by bangbangstartagain
“Anyways,” added Bee airily, “I'll always see you, wallflower or not.”
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Melissa Thinks: "The Bee and the Wallflower" was definitely one of the weirdest one shots I've ever read, which, in this case, works

The characters drive the story with their cool demeanors and amusing dialogue. It's one of those stories that is covered in fluff without being too in your face. "The Bee and the Wallflower" was a little crazy, but at the same time, incredibly adorable.
greatly in the author's favor. With this story, bangbangstartagain has taken the "wallflower girl" cliche and put an interesting spin on it. Annie is a wallflower, unnoticed by just about everyone in the school until the day when Benji "Bee" is drawn to her by, oddly enough, her smell. 


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