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Blackbird by imyouth-imjoy
"Sorry doesn't do shit for the dead, you know."
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Helen Thinks: Well what can I say about “Blackbird” by imyouth-imjoy? Seriously, this story has left me pretty much speechless and just staring at the cover with words running through my mind at a

This is the story of Julius who is trying to move on from the death of his boyfriend; Levant; by getting a new job and asserting himself into the world again. However, there is one downside. Levant is still there as either a hallucination or a ghost - the what does not really bother Julius. He just knows his true love is still there with him and he refuses to let him go. But what happens when Levant demands that Julius lets him go by asking out Codie; the “mean” guy at work; out on a date?

I know that I have just described pretty much the most mind-warping plot in the world but imyouth-imjoy delivers it flawlessly. I must admit, when I realised where the story I was going I was a little anxious as to how it was going to go because I can imagine it is so easy to lose focus on a plot so delicate. This never happened. The writer had everything on their side. Fantastic characters that were really fleshed out thanks to splendid writing, short chapters that were bite size which proves you do not need to go overboard on narration, description or dialogue to put your story across and a plot that leaves the reader just wanting more. Seriously, I was hooked onto every single word and pretty much digested the entire piece in just over an hour.
million miles an hour.

With the clever technique of using the lyric’s from the Beatles “Blackbird” as each chapter title, imyouth-imjoy has given us a one of a kind story that will have you feeling a huge range of emotions and most definitely clicking the “next chapter” button eagerly.


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