Saturday, January 25, 2014

Take Two

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Take Two by T76G
Devan's always been best friends with Eden and always at odds with his twin. When things become as clear as muck, she realizes that one she loves isn't who he seems, and finds herself falling for the one she thought she'd always hate. 
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Marta Thinks: Take two seconds to read the summary and become extremely interested. Sure, it's a little cliche' and maybe you've read something like that before, but you somehow just know T76G's going to take an interesting outlook on it. How you know that you're not sure. But you just know it.

Take two minutes to read this review. It's not the best review ever, you know that much, but you also know Marta would have never chosen a story that isn't worth ADoR. And most of all, someone suggested – and this must mean that they liked it.

Take two hours to read the story (this includes breaks). Let Devan take you on her amazing journey. Let yourself be swayed towards Eden, and captivated by Devan and Eden's easy and charming interactions. Let yourself be pulled towards Eric who's honest and earnest and incredibly charismatic. Be appreciative of T76G's clear and neat writing, devoid of any typos and grammatical mistakes.

But most of all, sit back, read and enjoy the ride that is Take Two.


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