Saturday, February 15, 2014

Holy the Dark

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Holy the Dark by lookingwest
Achitophel was once a shaper poet before a war between his people and witches drove him to desertion. Trapped in an urban sprawl with a human woman and the prince of witches, he's never felt so homesick. Worst of all, the prince has been turned vampire. Chances of fleeing the city alive are dwindling. 
Banner Credit: Melissa
Melissa Thinks: The thing about Holy the Dark that is so weirdly genius is how the point of view switches; each chapter alternates between five characters. It sounds like a lot to handle, and at first I was unsure on whether I could carry on, but the thing about HtD is that the characters - although written with the same idyllic haunting of a voice - all have different roles in the story; different perspectives and attributes that the author defines for you.

The setting, dialogue, and the plot points are all very chilling, like nothing I've ever read in a supernatural story before. I appreciate how in-depth the characters are, even though it means less action. Although sometimes the writing can be vague and confusing, which is my only criticism for the story in whole.


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