Saturday, February 22, 2014


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Stellar by clockwork kiss
we're all made of star(dust).

Banner Credit: Marta
Ali Thinks: Stellar is pretty stellar. (I promise that's the only joke I make.)

But I'm not wrong. And it's not my fault that the title of this poem just so happens to be the best word to describe it. Some of the phrases clockwork kiss used were nothing short of perfect. My favorite: "Even your sentimental side was violent." How… what's the word… oh right, brilliant is that? Answer: so, so brilliant. I'd even shorten it to 'brill' and that's when you know it's real.

Her words were beautiful and the poem itself was beautiful, but what I love the most is its personality. I can see the exact person who the speaker is talking about, and I can see the relationship the speaker and the 'you' have. It took me a time or three to actually understand the story in it, but once I got it, it because so much more than just pretty words strung together for the sake of pretty words being strung together. And those are truly the poems worth reading.


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