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Crosswords by Mad for Figs
He was just the creepy dude who insisted on hovering over my shoulder every morning while I tried to drink my coffee. Obviously the only reason I let him keep doing it without punching him in the face was because he always helped me finish the daily crossword. That had to be the only reason... right?
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Rosie Thinks: I'm not going to lie to you - if a guy came up behind me in a cafe and told me the answer to the crossword I was working on, I would run screaming for the woods. Luckily, this didn't happen to me and this one-shot isn't
about how the MC got so freaked out she never left the house again (ergo, she's not me). Instead, Mad for Figs takes a completely unique and freaky situation, and turns it into something magical (as per usual). Seriously, within the first segment, I went from 'omg he's scary' to 'awww ok that's kind of cute', and my feelings just progressed into cuteness from there.

I really did enjoy the uniqueness of this story. It's not long, but makes for a nice interlude between heavier reads. The only mistake I saw was 'weary' instead of 'wary' (I'm sorry, it's one of my pet hates!) but other than that, there were no errors to break up the flow. So all in all, 'Crosswords' tells the tale of what happens when you look outside your small, comfortable circle and take notice of what's right in front of your nose.


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