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auld lang syne

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auld lang syne by dear-llama
After Nik left four years ago, the group splintered. But now he's back, forcing a reunion between six ex-friends who could've been strangers, but not quite. Temporarily goaded into close proximity, old hatchets get unburied and unresolved tensions rise again. And, as Tamy comes to realise, four years can change everything but the things that matter.
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Marta Thinks: ‘Auld Lang Syne’ is a poem written by Scottish poet, Robert Burns and literally can be translated as “old long since” - though the more grammatically correct version would be “long long ago”. That fits in neatly with this particular story, in which the present is tainted by the past, and no matter how long ago the events took place, they have a singular impact on the unfolding events. The premise can be described as straight-forward: Nik and Tamy used to date, and they hung with a group of friends (Nadine, Lux, Wolf and Ansel). Nik left for China, somewhere along the line they broke up - and he never visited like he promised - and Nadine, Lux and Wolf believe Tamy cheated on Nik with Ansel. So far so good. So far so clear.

Or not. Because it’s obvious pieces of the puzzle is missing - why did Tamy and Nik break up exactly? Why do Nadine and Lux hate each other? What is Nik truly trying to achieve? And: is there something else that is being hidden? Tamy is a protagonist who is easy to empathise with and her personality easily stands out. Through her eyes, the dynamics of the other characters can be seen as well: it’s not always Tamy and insert another person; there are other elements at play. And that’s never an easy task.

This story has only five chapters, but dear-Ilama’s writing capabilities are hard to deny, and the 31K words she has written so far are definitely worth reading.


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