Sunday, November 9, 2014

lost at sea

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lost at sea by stephayyyy
the heart is wanting, the heart is not a metaphorBanner Credit: Melissa

Marta Thinks: This collection of poems ‘lost at sea’ is more than a simple collation of works and pieces; it expresses what we feel and, often, don’t know how to express. Some poems are catharsis, others talk about universal truths. The best ones are rawly honest, such as: “i hate how/the state of my heart/depends on/how fast i can/make yours beat”. Through this cleverly worded verse, we can come to understand a sort of love that can only correlate to someone else’s (as an author’s note puts it succinctly: “In loving you, I forgot how to love myself.”) I think the most skilfully crafted poems are: “to forget”, “searching for you again” and “on growing up”, but I think this says more about myself than about my poetic preferences, and this is what makes the wide range of eighteen poems so attractive. There is most certainly one you can relate to and through which you can newly experience emotions.

What is most interesting, I find, is the summary which denies the heart an intangible meaning and its portrayal as a symbolic instrument, rather; the heart is raw and vivid and real, and beats with a sense of longing. It is written: “the heart is wanting”, and wanting what exactly? Candid, love, meaningful happiness, hope sprinkled across our lives. The heart is wanting, and though these poems are spun with a desperate thrum of sadness, they promise the truth of what we want, and so desperately need.


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