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And One Last Thing

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Age: Adult
Category: Romance; contemporary
Rating: 3 stars

Marta Thinks: Chick-lit is often underestimated. Yes, there is romance, and yes, it can be superficial at times, but arguably, you could apply that to a book in every genre. Take my word for it: chick-lit can be good. ‘And One Last Thing…’ is a perfect example of this. Molly Harper begins her novel by introducing Lacey, a woman who finds out her husband is having an affair via a drunk florist. After a number of events, Lacey decides to move to a remote cabin by a lake where she meets Monroe, her only neighbour. And what a neighbour! He’s gruff and reluctantly honourable, a famous author who spends half his time writing and the other half avoiding lonely and desperate divorcees. He warms up to this divorcee though. Lacey has that effect on people. 

As aforementioned, you can’t have chick-lit without romance, so obviously there’s some here. It’s so well done. It’s smart and honest, real and utterly engaging. It subverts your expectations too: you expect Lacey to wear Monroe out, or for them to be complete antithesis of each other, but it’s not like that at all. Not really. I won’t share more about their relationship - the different aspects of it are fun to read about, and are not to be spoiled - though I will say that it was refreshing to find the man in the relationship who wants to take it further, rather than the female. That was unique, at least in my experience.

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Last thing: This book is not all about romance, despite the long paragraph on it. (It’s just fan-girl gushing, honest.) The book contains all sorts of relationships, varying to familial to female friendships to fake and forced acquaintances. It touches on Lacey rediscovering herself and trying to find out what she truly wants out of life. This last aspect can be hard to portray, I think. It can be overdone or completely neglected but Harper was subtle in showing this development and giving a sympathetic voice to the heroine. And more than anything, this book was simply fun.

A good book doesn’t always have to blow your mind or change your world or make you cry a river. Sometimes, it just needs to make you laugh and enjoy the ride. Here you go.


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