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Touched with Sight (Shadow Thane #2)

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Age: Adult
Category: Fantasy
Rating: 4 stars

Disclaimer: I received a free copy from Nenia Campbell but this has not in any shape or form affected my opinion and likewise, this review. 

Marta Thinks: I’m betting my (non-existent) money that this is a series that gets better with every new installment. Black Beast was an exciting read, but Touched with Sight tops it; edgier and action-packed, and donned growing sense of dread and terror, it defied my expectations. No longer can Catherine lay low: she is propelled right into the midst of the impending war and has haunting visions of the Shadow Thane who never fails to inspire a feeling of doom, claiming: ‘I am the rightful ruler of this world. And now that I, too, have awakened, like my dragons, I have come to take back what is mine.’ His eerie presence demands Catherine give him the magical book she has found - or face death and his physical appearance is described as ‘repulsive’, distorted by darkness. He is sure to play an even greater role with each following book, much to my delight (and Catherine’s horror).
What I liked the most about this novel was the partnership between Catherine and Finn. It completely went against my expectations, but it was a pleasant surprise and I look forward to seeing their future dynamics, despite Finn’s questionable morals. It’s a pairing that should work and not work at the same time but that doesn’t take away from the excitement it inspires. They are perfect opposites - shapeshifter and witch; pauper (more or less) and prince; warm and passionate, the other cold and detached. I don’t know whether they’ll necessarily be a good influence for one another, but that hardly matters. What matters is that they’re one duo that will most definitely bring something new to the table.

Even if you didn’t like Black Beast, I urge you to read its sequel nonetheless; it could change your mind. I, for one, will spend the next few weeks re-reading it and am extremely eager for the third book, Crowned by Fire.


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