Friday, June 19, 2015

What Alice Forgot

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Age: Adult
Category: Romance
Rating: 4 stars

Helen Thinks: Alice is twenty nine, madly in love with her husband and pregnant with their first child. Or so she believes. Alice has just woken up after a head injury at the gym and has lost ten years of her life. Alice is really thirty nine, divorced from her husband and the mother to three children. Alice realises that she is no longer the fun loving woman that she was ten years beforehand but the complete opposite. She's a controlling health freak that is now dating the headmaster at her children's school. However, maybe this knock to the the head was a blessing in disguise? Could the loss of ten years be what it takes to win back both her husband and children's affection as well as returning to the woman that she once was?

I am a huge fan of Liane Moriarty's work and this was no exception. With three different perspective's: Alice's; her sister Elizabeth; and her grandmother Frannie; written in different styles: Alice's is actually the narration; Elizabeth's is letters to her doctor; and Frannie's is a blog entry to her fans; this book is a breath of fresh air against everything else you have read this year. She writes compelling stories that drags you in with every word that she writes. Moriarty's worlds are addictive and can have you completing a story in a matter of days.
My only downfall with this book was that maybe the epilogue was not necessary. Did we really need to know if Alice ended up with the ex-husband or the headteacher? However, I do believe that if we had not found out then maybe some people would have complained about that too. Moriarty found herself in a win-lose situation with that area but despite feeling like it was not necessary, I did finish reading the book with a massive smile on my face.

So not only did this book affirm my love of Liane Moriarty but it also made me get the rest of her books out of the library. How many books have seduced you like that this year?


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