Thursday, July 23, 2015

Because I Love You

Posted by A Drop of Romeo at 11:20 AM
Christian St. John could handle her annoying, scathing comments a lot better than he could ever handle the cold, dead silence... That damn ice cold princess act did not fit her at all. 
Banner Credit: Marta

Melissa Thinks: This is a short romantic tragedy written quite beautifully by author nexia (25 Steps to the Altar). I don't recommend reading this story if you're not ready for the big pile of sad feelings that will inevitably fall all over you by the time you've finished it. Having said that, I do recommend reading "Because I Love You" if you're looking for something that is deep, romantic, and meaningful. Even with its short length, the story manages to show characters that are flawed, but also likable. Definitely a story you'll need a comforting pet to cuddle with after reading!


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