Monday, August 3, 2015

Couldn't Stand the Weather

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Corinne's sworn enemy is still living across the street and is now driving the Mustang she lost her virginity in while his brother, her first love, is busy talking about cold fronts and thundershowers on the local news.
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Melissa Thinks: Corrine returns home five years after she left her hometown of Portland, her family, and her high school boyfriend to make an acting career for herself in Hollywood. As the summary states, when she's forced to live with her brother in their childhood home, she's also forced to come face to face with her old boyfriend, Liam (now a weatherman with a baby on the way), and his annoying younger brother, Rhett (Cory's least favorite person, now an amazing mechanic and owner of his own shop).

I don't like love triangles, so I'm glad this turned out to not be one. Liam, the possible third point of the triangle, is one of the worst characters I've had the privilege of reading about. He's whiny, selfish, annoying, and a manipulative liar. His brother Rhett, however, is pretty amazing. He comes across as being very caring and loyal, not only towards his brother but towards Cory as well. He had flaws that made him likable without being too overpowering to the likability of the character, like we see with Liam. Liam definitely provides a great foil to Rhett's character.

"Couldn't Stand the Weather" captures the attention of its audience with a well structured style. The prose, made up of strong description, does an amazing job of showing the author's voice. The POV switches work to the advantage of the author, who is then able to really show us the character development of all three characters. I think the dialogue is funny, especially the Rhett/Cory interactions. You could feel the spark between them and I honestly wondered why Liam was even a choice for her when Rhett was so darn nice and cute.


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