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The Man Who Can't Be Moved

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Age: Young Adult / Adult
Category: Romance
Rating: 4 stars

Helen Thinks: Any fan of the single “The Man Who Can’t be Moved” by The Script will adore this novel written by Tilly Tennant.

It follows Ellie; a junior journalist for her local paper ‘Millrise Echo’; who is keen to prove herself and is more than happy to follow up the story of a man sitting on a corner waiting for his true love to return to him. What Ellie didn’t expect when she meets and interviews Ben Kelly is that she would find him attractive. However, despite her attractions to the man, Ellie decides that she will help Ben anyway she can win back the woman he loves.

Throughout the novel, Tennant shows us how dynamic Ellie is as a character through all the personal situations she has to contend with. First of all, she’s now dedicated herself to helping Ben win back his ex-girlfriend, Gemma. Secondly, her mother and father have fallen out and separated causing her to be in the middle as they won’t even talk to each other. And thirdly, her Auntie who has been like a second mother to her is terminally ill and deciding whether or not moving into a hospice would be the best thing for her and her family. Ellie’s character realistically copes with these problems and allows the reader to relate to Ellie.

Highlight for me was that there were so many minor characters such as Ellie’s family, her friends, the other members of staff at the Millrise Echo as well as the ladies that lived on the street where Ben was camping out but not once did Tennant lose track of them all or allow them to lose their own personalities. Sometimes you can find authors jumble up characters names and personalities when they have so much going on but this never happened in ‘The Man Who Can’t Be Moved’ and Tennant managed to make the reader also like them. I absolutely loved the “Constance Street” girls that took Ben under their wing as he camped out on their street corner.

“The Man Who Can’t be Moved” is a quick, fun, light hearted read which will not only have you wanting to listen to the song by The Script – Tennant actually mentions the song in her book! – repeatedly but it’ll also have you believing in romance all over again.


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