Friday, January 1, 2016

Three Strikes

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Derik says Quan would agree to anything. Quan begs to differ, so Derik makes his point. Two teenaged football players' path of self-discovery involving beer, rain, and some degree of exhibitionism.
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Melissa Thinks: "Three Strikes" is a one shot--first in a series of stories by Anihyr Moonstar about Derik and Quan. The first section of the story (there are three scenes) starts with the pair, both absolutely trashed, beginning to explore their feelings for each other. If you're big into the jock stereotype cliche, then this is the right one shot for you--both of the characters play football.

Though there are often athletic type male characters portrayed as bland ignorant jerks, Derik and Quan are unique in their personalities and development. You get a sense of them pretty quickly. It's this characterization which makes this one shot and its subsequent stories so appealing. Besides the shaky grammar, this story really impressed me. It's a short one shot, but I like how it builds a strong foundation for the two main characters and the rest of the series.Definitely worth a read if you're a m/m romance (and smut) fan!


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