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Staff Picks: Best of Erotica

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Real (Real #1) by Katy Evans
This book is firmly in my guilty pleasures category! I knew it got to be pretty trashy at times, but I still enjoyed it. It follows Brooke and Remy. Remy is a champion fighter with hordes of women lusting after him, yet picks Brooke to come to his hotel room. The last thing Brooke expects is to be offered a job traveling with Remy as his physical therapist.
Recommended by Rosie

Bared to You (Crossfire #1) by Sylvia Day
If you liked Fifty Shades, this book'll be right up your alley! Although it does feature some similarities, it is distinctive enough to stand on its own and I found it a much better read than 50SoG. From the instant Eva and Gideon meet, sparks fly. But both have their own issues and troubled pasts, which might prove insurmountable for the pair.
Recommended by Rosie

Willing Victim by Cara McKenna
Laurel meets Finn, though it’s anything but a typical rom-com meeting. Rather, the first night she goes up to his apartment, she watches him have a BDSM scene with another girl and is then offered the opportunity to try it out for herself. It makes for a captivating book, with a likeable heroine, interesting love interest and clever writing. With it being barely longer than a novella, it’s a quick and fun read. Warning: it contains a consensual rape-play scene.
Recommended by Marta

The Fifth Favor by Shelby Reed
A classical erotica book, if you’d like to put it like that, with a classical plot: that of a male escort and the woman who will revolutionise his life. Regardless, it’s an engaging read. It flows easily and smoothly, as the romance is backed up with a plot that manages to add depth to both characters. The sex scenes are, perhaps, mild in comparison to current books, but they make up for it by being exquisitely sensual.
Recommended by Marta

Rough Riders series by Lorelai James
This is a series that follows the younger generation of McKay’s; a ranching family from Wyoming. Each novel is filled with beautiful romantic moments, sweet family moments as well as scenes of hot, knee buckling sex scenes (that should really come with a NSFW warning!). James allows us to fall in love with the entire family as we watch them fall in love and battle with themselves as the days of the bad boy, bed hopping McKays slip away and they become parts of their own families. With it being a series, your favourites from previous novels pop up and James entices this with novellas that allow us future glimpses. James’ writing makes me forget about the days where I wanted Prince Charming and find myself wanting a silver-tongued cowboy.
Recommended by Helen


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