Wednesday, June 29, 2016

I Hope You Are

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Apparently the cult of Eddie had not lost its appeal, he still seemed to be best friends with everyone. Except me.' At age 8, May Childs and Eddie Kingsley wrote letters to their 25 year old selves detailing their hopes for the future. 17 years later they return to read them and discover that, while some things change over time, others stay exactly the same.
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Melissa Thinks: Nothing is more satisfying to me than a simple and terribly cute one shot. As per usual, this is what star123 delivers. “I Hope You Are” is the story of May and Eddie, two 25 year olds who once upon a time were the best of friends. Now they’re brought back together by their 3rd grade teacher to read the letters they wrote to their future selves 17 years prior. As my opening sentence stated, this is quite a cute story. In Jessie’s usual style, there is great dialogue mixed with unique and simplistic writing. It’s not hard to love and root for the characters, even in short one shots like this.


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